June 20, 2021

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Mamata base from Mars to Navanne, ugly in the power building! Preparations are in full swing to deal with Yash

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Mamata base from Mars to Navanne, ugly in the power building!  Preparations are in full swing to deal with Yash

Peak preparation

A control room is being opened in Navanne to deal with Cyclone Yaas. Mamata Banerjee will be there from Tuesday.

#Kolkata: The West Bengal Government has started preparations for the possible cyclone by utilizing the memory and experience of dealing with the Cyclone Amphan. Although the nature of the storm’s speed is not yet known, all administrative preparations are being maintained in case of possible catastrophe. All preparations are being monitored from the central control room of the state secretariat Nabanna. Besides, separate control rooms have been opened in the coastal districts. On Tuesday and Wednesday, the chief minister himself will manage all the management from that control room. Officials of coastal district administrations like East Midnapore, South 24 Parganas have been meeting in stages to prepare the outline of disaster management. Mike is campaigning to make the general public aware. Fishermen are not allowed to go to sea. In addition, fishermen at sea have been asked to return in the near future. Coast Guard is monitoring the water and air. National Disaster Response Force has also been deployed in the coastal districts for fear of impending disaster. Twelve contingents of troops have already arrived in the state from Gujarat. It is learned that a few more teams may arrive in the state this afternoon. The state government has already issued warnings to the coastal districts of the state. Arrangements have been made to evacuate residents of the coastal area. Various cyclone shelters, flood relief centers are being prepared. Dried food, baby food, torch are kept. Police, Disaster Management Department, Emergency Services Department, Electricity, Health, Municipalities and all other departments have come together to prepare to work against this “Yash” cyclone. The control room is being set up in Navanne. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself will be in this control room from May 25. A control room is also being set up in the power building. State Power Minister Arup Biswas will also be there on May 25 and 26. Besides, 20 teams have been formed for Kolkata on behalf of Lalbazar. The team will work to reach out to the endangered people on an emergency basis. Meanwhile, the coastal district administration has stepped in with all its might to confront Yas. The Disaster Management Force is conducting a cyclone warning campaign in the coastal villages of East Midnapore. According to district administration sources, two NDRF companies have already been deployed in the district. 2 more companies will be brought very soon. Second NDRF inspector Rajkumar Sheel said the jawans in the villages along the coast of Digha were alert to alert the general public about the cyclone. The villagers are being told to leave their raw houses before the storm and move to government shelters. Prince Shil took to the field. He assured the villagers, “Don’t worry. If someone gets stuck in a storm, we will help you with all our might. We will take you to safety before disaster strikes. ” NDRF has also issued several warning messages to the villagers. They are forbidden to go to sea to fish during this period. Purnendu Maji, the district magistrate of East Midnapore, went to Digha on Saturday to check the administration’s preparations for “Yash”. He toured the Padima No. 1 Gram Panchayat area on the Digha-Orissa border. The district magistrate said, “I am visiting different areas of Ramnagar, Kanthi and Khejuri. We are looking into where the locals will be relocated and where they will be kept in the areas where the damage may be more. ” He added, “We are also visiting local hospitals. If there is a power outage after the disaster, then what are the alternative measures? I am also looking into the construction of sea dams. Who, where and how to take the plan will be completed tonight. Appropriate arrangements are being made to keep them in a safe home if anyone is infected with corona. ”

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