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#Nandigram: Shuvendu Adhikari’s forehead is full of worries. The big danger is coming at the beginning of the new innings. Amphan has come in the past, but then he was a close soldier of the ruling party. And now he is the opposition. So dealing with the impending cyclone is another challenge for him. He was seen taking extra efforts to save Nandigram from the bite of Yash.

Nandigram MLA Shuvendu Adhikari sat in the meeting today on how to deal with the disaster of fame. Bhangabera held routine meetings with party functionaries and staff at the guest house as well as discussed preparations for dealing with Cyclone Yash. Many ordinary people of Nandigram were also present at the meeting. A year ago, Ampan had a major impact on Nandigram, a riverine area. Local MLA Shuvendu Adhikari told the people of Nandigram that they have to face the impending disaster with that education in mind. Shuvendu is heard to say to the locals on this day, Bulbul, Fani, Amphan have seen many storms. Those lessons will work. Residents of mud houses along the river will have to be evacuated tomorrow. To reassure the people of Nandigram, Shuvendu says, “Come up to the big house of the neighbor. Raise your hands towards each other. Just as you should be alert before the disaster strikes, you should also keep an eye on the post-disaster repair.”

At the moment, Yash is 60 km away from Digha. Tomorrow it will turn into a cyclone. Storm rain will also start from tomorrow. The wind will blow all day long. The cyclone could hit the area between Paradwip and Sagar on Wednesday evening. In other words, fear is hanging over East Midnapore. This is where thousands of trees were uprooted in Amfan last year and many mud houses were destroyed. That’s why Shuvendu wants to make sure that the residents of the raw house go to the cyclone center quickly. This is what he did last time, when he was led by Mamata Banerjee. But today the path of the two has turned in two directions. Today, Shuvendu and his former team leader are standing on both sides of the storm. Mamata Banerjee will personally supervise the whole matter on 25-26 from Upanna. It remains to be seen how efficiently the opposition Shuvendu can handle this fight.

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