Rail alert for cyclone glory! Multiple measures are being taken to avoid disaster – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Eastern Railway took emergency measures to deal with Cyclone Yaas. Passenger trains parked at carsheds or large stations will be chained. Local train services are currently closed due to the lockdown. Only staff special trains are running. But most of the trains are parked in carsheds or at more than one big station or junction station. All these trains will be tied with chains. In addition, several railway hospitals have been asked to keep all the arrangements ready.

Doctors have been asked to keep an eye on all the covid wards so that there is no disturbance. Pumps, refrigerators, alternative electricity systems have been asked to be put in place to ensure proper water supply. Rail has already held a meeting with the state. They have been asked to see to it that all measures are taken using their own infrastructure. Howrah, Sealdah and Kharagpur divisions have been asked to be especially ready.

Divisional officials of the three departments have asked the engineering, operations and signaling departments to be ready. Howrah and Kharagpur divisions are in the spotlight. Because the carshed is flooded with rain water. The drainage system of this area is being kept proper. Multiple pumps have been installed to remove water so that drainage is not difficult. He was then asked to keep an eye on the accident so that the overhead would not tear it apart.

Tower vans will be kept to take immediate action. For this, the employees of the electric department have been asked to be ready 24 hours a day. The cyclone caused the overhead wire to rupture in multiple places as well as falling tree branches. The compartments where the train will be kept will be chained so that it does not roll in any way. Those involved in line patrolling have been asked to take special measures so that line patrolling is appropriate. You will also see river bridges. They have been asked to test.

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