Strict measures against Dhankhar in Bengal at the end of the term? Hint of welfare!

Kolkata: The Governor of West Bengal is working for the BJP. As the working presidents of the party do. This is the complaint of most of the grassroots leaders. In particular, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar and Trinamool MP Kalyan Banerjee have repeatedly come forward to target the Governor in the Trinamool conflict. Recently, the CBI had sought approval from the governor to file a chargesheet in the Narad case. Dhankhar also gave that permission without wasting time. At that time, Kalyan attacked the governor as a ‘crazy dog’. And this time, his call to all, especially the grassroots activists, is astounding.

On Sunday, Kalyan said, ‘He (Governor) is deliberately harming Bengal. No other governor does that. ‘ Then the Trinamool MP added, ‘According to the constitution, no action can be taken against him now, I know. But I would urge everyone, still everyone to file FIRs against Dhankhar everywhere. Nothing can be done now. But on the day when his term expires. It remains to be seen whether action can be taken through those FIRs on the same day. He can be given a place in this presidency jail. ‘

In fact, Mamata Banerjee’s government has been embroiled in a bitter conflict with Dhankhar since she became the governor of the state. Recently it has exceeded the level. While the entire state is busy dealing with Covid, the governor has repeatedly lashed out at the state over the post-vote unrest. Sometimes he ran to Kochbihar, sometimes to Khas Nandigram. Needless to say, he has met the affected BJP workers in every case.

And Narad Kand came in the atmosphere of that conflict. Not only did the CBI allow him to appear in the chargesheet, but the chargesheet filed by the CBI against four leaders-ministers and an IPS officer in the Narad probe also included Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar in the list of witnesses like Benazir. According to court sources, the Governor of Bengal has been placed as the 52nd witness in the list of 81 witnesses. Expert lawyers say this incident is unprecedented. Many of them argue that he may have been included in the list of witnesses for approving the arrest. However, the governor has not been seen as a witness in any previous case in the state. Needless to say, the intense onslaught of welfare in this climate will only increase the conflict.

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