The party is in a frenzy as soon as the goldsmiths return home.

#Kolkata: Some of the defectors want to return home again. And that is what Eureka is saying. Because, his theory matched. In this hen argument, he once again took to Twitter in a soft heat – he took one hand on the heads of his own team. He did not name anyone like in the past, but he did not suppress his anger. Like Tathagata, the BJP ignored the old cadres just to pull these defectors into the party.

Tathagata Roy wrote on Twitter that day, “That’s exactly what I said. Those who were welcomed in the BJP, those for whom the BJP’s twenty-thirty year old workers were utterly ignored, are all going back to the grassroots one by one.”

Sonali Guha has left the BJP. Sarala Murmu is desperate to join the grassroots. The fearless veteran BJP leader wants to put his old theory in front of him once again. What exactly did he say? Tathagata took Twitter by storm in the first week of this month. Reviewing the reasons for the rate, the rebel Tathagata wrote that day, “Kailash, Dilip, Shiv Prakash, Arvind – these four heads have tarnished the image of the Prime Minister and Home Minister. And tarnished the name of the largest party in the world. Now they are sitting there to save the party workers from the cannons. They think this storm will go away. “

Tathagata Babu further said that the concerned leaders of the state could not show the right direction to the central leaders. Tathagata Babu guessed that as a result of this incident, two groups would leave the party. One group is suddenly coming from the grassroots, the other is the old BJP cadres, unless they can find a new path. Without the team, Sonali thinks that his theory is working.

Even before this, Tathagata has faced controversy by addressing Tanushree Payal as a city actress. He also went to Delhi to talk to the top leadership about the team. But it is clear from his speech that his anger did not subside. It can be said with certainty that if the smoke of change of party falls in the future, the words of Tathagata will become sharper.

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