All families will get 500 rupees, the decision is approved by the state cabinet

#Kolkata: If he wins the election and returns to power, he will be given 500 rupees per family In case of Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, it will be Rs This was the biggest surprise in the Trinamool’s election manifesto Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself made this announcement

Within a month of the formation of the government, the Chief Minister kept that promise The proposal was passed in the state cabinet meeting on the same day Besides, the state cabinet has sealed two more Trinamool election promises. The cabinet also approved a proposal to provide credit cards to students for higher education at a cost of Rs 10 lakh and a door-to-door ration scheme. The Chief Minister himself said this on this day

The Chief Minister had announced Rs 500 per family before the election, keeping in mind the issue of women vote bank. Because, according to his announcement before the vote, only one female member of each family will get this money The Chief Minister said that the state government will introduce this allowance considering the cost of women’s hands In case of Scheduled Caste-Scheduled Tribe family which will be Rs The Chief Minister said, ‘Less than a month after the formation of the government I kept some of the promises I made in the party’s manifesto. ‘

In addition to this, after high school, students will get a credit card of one million rupees According to the Trinamool election manifesto, the government will be the guarantor Besides, the decision to launch ration project at the door was also approved in the state cabinet meeting on the same day Last week, the project was launched in almost all the districts of the pilot state

The Chief Minister said that a task force has been constituted for credit card service and door-to-door ration scheme for students. Led by Chief Secretary Alapan Banerjee In addition, the state cabinet also approved the decision to recruit 2,500 personnel in the Kolkata police.

Somraj Bandopadhyay

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