CESC assures to restore service soon There will be no suffering like Amphan, assurance before Yas of CESC – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Learning from the experience of Amphan, CESC 7 is already wary of dealing with Yas The agency assured that it was taking all possible measures to ensure that the power supply was not disrupted by the cyclone on Wednesday. Two and a half thousand workers are being prepared to work on the streets Hundreds of generators are being prepared as an alternative

After Amphan last year, CESC’s service 6 was in question In many parts of Kolkata, power supply could not be restored even after a week of storms Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee herself was vocal against CESC It was alleged that the company was in trouble to normalize the power supply due to lack of preparation There was also a lockdown on the service

Learning from that experience, CESC is now preparing the most 2,500 workers to take to the streets. The company claims that it has already doubled the number of workers it employed during Amphan last year. Last year too, the lockdown was going on in the state like now during Amphan As a result, the company had to bring in workers from home even though it needed people This time the staff has already been prepared In addition, the company has also procured around 120 generators So that if there is a delay in returning electricity service in an area, the situation can be handled with a generator

According to the organization, preparations have been made considering the worst situation As a result, they are hopeful that the power supply will be restored quickly after the disaster

Yas 7 will hit near Balasore in Orissa next Wednesday at noon Due to which a maximum speed of 60 km per hour can be a storm in Kolkata Besides, there is a warning of heavy to very heavy rain in the city for the next two days The Calcutta Municipality is also preparing to quickly normalize the city after the disaster and avoid damage.

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