Cyclone Yaas: Early Warning at Calcutta Airport, Yaas is moving at breakneck speed

#Kolkata: Cyclone Yas is likely to hit the coast of West Bengal from Wednesday morning. With that in mind, all the measures have been taken besides issuing ‘red alert’ in time. The airport authorities also informed him on Sunday.

Several planes parked in the airport parking lot at Amphane were damaged last year. This time, arrangements have been made in advance so that the aircraft is not damaged in any way.

Calcutta Airport is made entirely of glass. Special measures have been taken to prevent the glass structure from collapsing in the event of a severe storm. Bring a lot of sandbags and take measures to prevent storm damage in different places.

All the trolleys have been pushed inside the airport so that the trolleys of the airport could crash in this direction due to heavy storms. In addition, the use of passenger trolleys has been banned. An airport official said: “We have already taken all precautionary measures to learn from Amphan. Regular surveillance has also been put in place. However, no flights have been canceled so far.

According to the Alipore Meteorological Department, a deep depression formed in the North Andaman Sea and East-Central Bay of Bengal on Saturday. It will turn into a cyclone by May 24. According to the forecast, the cyclone is likely to hit the Digha coast between the nights of May 25 and the morning of May 26, moving north-west towards the coasts of Bengal and Orissa. Due to which, light to moderate rains may start in the coastal areas of the two states from the evening of Tuesday, the 25th. There may be heavy to very heavy rainfall somewhere.


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