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#Kolkata: East Midnapore, 24 Parganas, Kolkata was devastated by Hurricane Amfan in May last year. The memory of another devastating cyclone Ayla in May 2009 brought back memories This time the same panic was created in Bengal with Yas However, according to the Alipore Meteorological Department’s forecast, it will probably not wreak havoc like the 24 parganas or the Amfan in Kolkata. However, the state administration is not leaving any gap in the preparation

Sanjeev Banerjee, eastern director of the Alipore Meteorological Department, said there were several differences between Ayla and Ampan. Ayla and Amphan were the two direct hitters in the state But Yas is going to fall near Balasore in Orissa Meteorologists are hopeful that it will not wreak havoc in the rest of the state like Ayla and Amfan, even if it takes a devastating form in the East Midnapore district adjacent to Orissa. In East Midnapore, however, the maximum speed of Yas may be 165 km per hour But in districts like 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Howrah and Hooghly, its maximum speed may be 60 kmph. The storm speed will be even lower in the innermost districts of Gangetic West Bengal

Sanjeev Babu said, ‘The whole thing is not judged by speed Ayla, Amphan directly hit our state There Yas will enter this state through Orissa In the case of Ayla, the whole thing went through our kingdom In the case of Amfan too, if we look at the sea, Kolkata, after becoming the North 24 Parganas, went to Bangladesh. It can be said that Amphan 8 left Kolkata And Yas will go there to the top of Jharkhand As a result, there will be some disaster in Jharkhand as well.

Sanjeevbabu added that Digha is about 100 km from where Yas was hit in Balasore, Orissa. The distance of the sea of ​​South 24 Parganas is 120 km And the distance from Kolkata is about 200 kilometers As a result, meteorologists believe that Yas’s power in Kolkata or the 24 Parganas will be much less.

However, under the power of Yas, East Medinipur, twenty-four parganas, Calcutta from this day. It has started raining in Howrah It has rained in 6 more districts The meteorological department has warned of heavy to very heavy rains in 24 parganas, Kolkata, Howrah and Hughli on Tuesday and Wednesday.

According to the weather office, the first hit will be on the ground near Balasore in Orissa on Wednesday afternoon. Along with Balasore, there is a risk of severe damage in Bhadrak, Kendupara and Jagatsinghpur. There are similar fears about East Midnapore in the state This is because in all these places, the speed of the wind during the hurricane is between 155 to 185 kilometers per hour. Which can reach a maximum of 165 km

However, the state administration is not keeping any gap in the preparation of the cyclone A target has been set to evacuate about one million people from coastal areas Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is keeping an eye on the whole situation Kolkata Municipality 6 is taking all precautions in Kolkata too

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