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#Kolkata: If you need oxygen, Oxy Express will reach your doorstep. Five vehicles were inaugurated on Monday at the initiative of New Alipore Suruchi Sangh and several other organizations and individuals. These cars are named Oxy Express. The Oxy Express was inaugurated today by Arup Biswas, President of Suruchi Sangh and Minister for Power, Youth Welfare and Sports. Suruchi Sangh has taken this initiative in response to the request of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee.

Oxy Express will provide this service mainly for the people of South Kolkata. This Oxy Express will reach South Kolkata including Behala, Taliganj where oxygen cylinders or concentrators are required. There will also be a doctor. In addition to oxygen cylinders and concentrators, people will get free telemedicine services. Those affected who are at home will be given a nursing consultant. The Suruchi Sangh has also arranged for a consultation with a nursing dietitian.

The car can reach home by calling a toll free number. The number is 1800 309 9099. Although five vehicles were initially provided, the number of vehicles will be increased in the future if the demand is high, said Arup Biswas.

In the second wave of corona the infection reaches a point where oxygen deficiency becomes a major problem. In that situation, people think that such an initiative of Suruchi Sangh will benefit them. Most patients in Corona need oxygen. And so if you call the mentioned toll free number, Oxy Express will reach home and provide oxygen.

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