Kanti Ganguly: He is not a loser! Yas is coming, ‘old’ Kanti is also being made

Raydighi: Villages in the vast part of the Sundarbans were then devastated by a powerful bandit named ‘Cyclone Aila’. And just then I saw that scene. Kanti Ganguly, the then Minister of the Left Government, rolled up his dhoti and got stuck in the mud. That scene is still fresh in many villages of the Sundarbans. During Ayla’s visit in 2009, Kanti went from village to village, standing by the side of common people and doing rescue and relief work. Then the ministry, the political power all went one by one Kanti Babu. But there was no change in his habit. Whether it is Ayla, Cyclone Bulbul, Cyclone Amphan or Cyclone Yaas, there is no pause. This time too, the people of Raydighi are hoping for him.

Kanti Gangopadhyay has lost the Raidighi constituency again in this year’s assembly elections. Alok Jaldata of Trinamool won. But Kanti is not stopping at work. He has already set up a Kovid Hospital in Raydighi. And before the arrival of ‘Yas’, he has made two appeals to the state government and the people.

He wrote on Facebook, ‘The work of the relief center of the State Disability Conference is in full swing. I am returning to the Sundarbans to be prepared against the storm. There are two appeals from the state government and the people. 1: Before giving shelter to the people in the flood shelter, the body temperature should be checked and a separate shelter should be made for the sick common people so that the corona does not spread further in the village. 2: People should store rain water if they need to drink because salt water is unfit to drink when the dam is broken.

It may be mentioned that Kanti Gangopadhyay also sent a handwritten letter to Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee during the ‘Amphan’ situation. Mentioning the steps being taken by the state to deal with the cyclone, he wrote to Mamata Banerjee about her experience in dealing with Ayla. He also pointed out the real problems in the areas adjacent to the Sundarbans, such as drinking water after the storm, the spread of animal deaths, inadequacy of health workers, erosion of river embankments, and food shortages. This time ‘Yas’ is coming. The name of the storm has changed, but Kanti has not. The old man is still running to save the people of the Sundarbans.

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