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#Kolkata: Poet Joy Goswami was recently admitted to hospital with COVID-19. He was later transferred to CCU as his condition deteriorated. However, due to the efforts of the doctors, the poet has gradually recovered. On Monday, his family informed that poet Joy Goswami was being taken back home. She is OK.

Poet Joy Goswami was admitted to Beleghata ID Hospital on May 16 after suffering from corona. Joy Goswami has been suffering from high fever since this morning. He also vomited again and again. With that there was a stomach problem. From noon onwards the fever gradually increased. At noon, home samples are sent to the lab for corona testing. In the evening the fever rose to 103-104 degrees Fahrenheit. He was taken to Beleghata ID without any delay. That night. First admitted to non-covid ward. But at night his corona report came positive and he was transferred to Covid Ward.

Not just Joy Goswami himself. His wife Kaberi Goswami was also ill. He also had corona symptoms. He was also admitted to the hospital without any risk. But then he was brought back home as he was a little better. But the poet had to stay in the hospital. Although his condition was stable, the family said. However, the illness of the 7-year-old poet increased the anxiety among the fans. Fans of the poet were shocked to learn that one prominent person after another had been attacked, especially in the Corona situation.

Incidentally, in the second phase, Corona’s paw is getting wider across the country. Bengali is no exception. In the meantime, the great poet of Bengal, Shankha Ghosh, has lost his life in the clutches of the deadly virus. His wife Pratima Ghosh passed away eight days after his death. Prominent journalist Anjan Banerjee has passed away due to physical complications after Kovid. Actress Churni Gangopadhyay’s mother Sudipta Bandyopadhyay lost her life in Kovid’s coup. He has been teaching for a long time. But in the meantime, veteran actress Sandhya Roy is recovering. Doctors and administrative officials think that the statistics of corona infection in the state are also coming under control. However, no one is in favor of giving any leeway in any direction.

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