‘Why did you go to the Supreme Court?’ CBI in question in ‘unprecedented’ Narad case!

Kolkata: Undoubtedly an unprecedented case. In the Narada Scam Case, the CBI approached the Supreme Court at midnight on Sunday. In the same vein, CBI Solicitor General Tushar Mehta requested to adjourn the hearing of the Narad case for one day from the commencement of the hearing of the Narad case in the Calcutta High Court on Monday. He said that this court has given 3 verdicts in Narad case. The case is set to be heard in a larger bench. The CBI has gone to the Supreme Court with a special petition. Justice Harish Tandon then cross-examined Tushar Mehta, saying the division bench had ordered the four accused to be placed under house arrest. But the CBI opposed him. Is that why they have appealed to the Supreme Court again? In fact, the larger bench also rejected the CBI’s plea to adjourn the High Court hearing.

After that, the accused’s lawyer Kalyan Banerjee said, ‘The CBI has filed a special application in the Supreme Court at midnight. And we were told that in the morning. The bail case has not been heard. We had requested to hear the case at 2 pm the day before. But then the case was sent to the larger bench. I do not know what to call it a petition? Or writ or something else? ‘ Another lawyer of the accused, Abhishek Manu Singhvi, raised the question in the tone of welfare. “The High Court has ordered the house arrest of the leaders and ministers,” he said. It needs to be decided on an urgent basis, but even after being informed, how can an application be made to postpone the hearing of the case? ‘

On the other hand, Justice Indraprasanna Mukherjee told the CBI, “They have four options. They can say that. Is the CBI willing to listen to those options? Or do they just want to do something else? ‘ Among those options is extending the house arrest of leaders and ministers, as Justice Mukherjee said, adding that the full hearing of the case would end today. Significantly, the issue of cyclone glory also came up in today’s hearing. “There is a possibility of a cyclone in West Bengal soon,” a higher bench of the High Court told the CBI. As a result, the court may not be able to hear the Narad case. It is important to keep that in mind.

As in the previous hearing, Siddharth Luthra, counsel for the accused in the High Court, alleged, “It is clear that the leaders and ministers were not arrested in accordance with the law.” The CBI is avoiding it because they themselves know about it. On the contrary, Solicitor General Tushar Mehta said, ‘The Chief Minister himself went to the CBI office and said, arrest me! Was this also in accordance with the law? ‘ As a result, an important hearing of the Narad case is going on in the High Court.

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