Actor Jeetu Kamal wishes him a speedy recovery ‘Come back soon ….’, Actor Jeetu’s post after being admitted to Buddhadeb Bhattacharya Hospital

Kolkata: Buddhadeb Bhattacharya is his ‘God’ Jitu Kamal has said many times before Former Chief Minister Kovid was attacked and actor Ai posted his wish for his recovery When he was admitted to the hospital on Tuesday, Jeetu posted on Facebook again He wrote, “You are not going anywhere without our attention, sir. Just as I saw you go to the hospitals to check the health system when you were the Chief Minister, you are still the hero of the state, is it to go to the hospital to fulfill that responsibility?”

The condition of the former Chief Minister who is in support of Byapap is stable at present When he arrived at the hospital on Tuesday morning, his oxygen level dropped below 80. But for now, after pumping in oxygen, his oxygen saturation has reached 92. A six-member medical team has been formed for his treatment. He is being given oxygen. As well as antibiotic steroids running. He has knowledge.

Buddha and his wife Meera Bhattacharya were attacked by Corona last week Although Meera Bhattacharya was admitted to the hospital, the former chief minister did not agree to leave the house But as his condition deteriorated on Monday night, he was admitted to a private hospital in South Kolkata on Tuesday morning.

According to the medical bulletin, his CT scan will be done Some types of blood tests have also been done When their report comes, it will be clear to understand the condition of his physical condition According to the doctors, he is being tested for blood sugar three times a day as he is being given steroids Diabetes problems with corona and steroids increase the risk of black fungus. Doctors said that the treatment was being carried out keeping in mind the fungal infections and all the side effects.

The former chief minister was admitted to Woodlands Hospital last December with COPD. At that time, the amount of carbon dioxide in his body had increased dramatically This time carbon dioxide did not increase that much Why his physical condition is so bad, covid or chronic disease COPD, will be examined.

Like many other fans of the 6-year-old former chief minister, actor Jeetur Arji has gone to the hospital for treatment, but he seems to be recovering quickly.

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