Cyclone Yaas Landfall: Yass starts falling on Wednesday morning! The risk of a major disaster, where the landfall for how long

#Kolkata: Today, Yas is going to become a very strong cyclone. Meteorologists say that this very strong cyclone will gradually increase its strength in the next 12 hours. The location of the cyclone’s landfall is already being estimated. According to Mausum Bhavan sources, the cyclone will start the landfall process at 8 am on Wednesday. The cyclone will finally hit the Chandbali Dharma port in Bhadrak, Orissa by 11 am. The whole process will take at least two hours. The eye of the cyclone will pass over the coastal areas of Bengal between 11 am and 1 am. As a result, there is a possibility of a catastrophic disaster in the coastal areas of Bengal and northern Orissa. Apart from the two Medinipur and two 24 Parganas, Bankura Purulia will also be affected by the storm.

According to sources, Cyclone Yash will be heading north from today. As far as its speed is concerned, the cyclone will pass through the region between Paradwip and the sea. As a result, there is a possibility of heavy to very heavy rains in the adjoining areas. It has already started raining in many places. Due to the impact of the cyclone, tidal surge has started in many parts of Bengal including Digha-Shankarpur.

According to meteorologists, Cyclone Yash may head towards Jharkhand via Orissa, but its strength will gradually decrease. However, as it is heading towards Jharkhand, heavy rains in the border areas could lead to floods.

When the cyclone hits, its speed will be 155-165 kmph. The storm is likely to reach 120 to 145 kmph in South 24 Parganas and East Midnapore. Cyclone Yas will also affect Kolkata. In Kolkata, the speed will be between 65-75 kmph. The cyclone will bring heavy rains to Kolkata, 24 Parganas, Medinipur, Howrah and Hooghly from today. There is a possibility of heavy rain in Purulia too.

The administration estimates that Jhargram, Gopiballavpur 1, Gopiballavpur 2, Sankrail, Nayagram, Mohanpur in West Midnapore, Keshiari, Dantan, Ramnagar One in East Midnapore, Ramnagar 2, parts of South 24 Parganas Sagar will be most affected. The legislators of this area have been directed to be active round the clock. The concerned administrative department is working in the war activities.

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