Cyclone Yaas Update: Cyclone Yaas is coming, Mamata Banerjee will keep an eye on the night

#Kolkata: Cyclone Yaas 6 is coming The state government is making adequate preparations for education from Amphan Meetings have already been held in stages to deal with Yas There are 8 employees of different departments Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee is keeping an eye on the whole situation. He himself has met all the district magistrates (Mamata Banerjee meeting with DMs) and he (Mamata Banerjee to stay all night at Nabanna) will keep an eye on the storm. It is to be noted that during Amfan last year, the Chief Minister was also in the control room of Navanna, he woke up at night and saw where and how much violence was going on. This time he has warned the public from the very beginning The 72-hour (72 hours Cyclone Yaas Bengal) will be in power in the state, the storm will continue in Bengal, he told reporters on Monday. He also advised the common people to be careful The Chief Minister (Mamata Advice on Yaas) said that no one should go out, drive or open windows and doors during storms. Mamata Banerjee has said that she will protect herself in all possible ways He has instructed the people of the state just like a guardian With that in mind, the emergency workers’ leave has been canceled and they are working hard to deal with the situation.

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There are already two lakh police home guards, civic volunteers, army and navy. Utilizing Upfan’s experience, 84,000 officers and staff have been instructed to work directly against Yass.

Firhad Hakim himself is monitoring the situation in the state from home He further said that a master plan has been prepared by the police, army, doctors, nurses, ICDS personnel and about 3 lakh people for the preparation and rescue work of Yas. The Chief Minister said that the army will be deployed wherever it is needed In other words, the head of state is not willing to take any risk Every preparation has been made to deal with the safety and damage of the general public

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