Cyclone Yaas update: Yaas is blowing 420 km away from Digha, what is the probability of disaster in Bengal?

#Kolkata: Cyclone Yaas, which is currently 420 km from Digha, is 320 km from Paradwip. The whole state question is where exactly will this cyclone Yaas Landfall hit? Meteorologists have analyzed the nature of the strong cyclone and said that the storm will pass through the part between Paradwip and Digha. Its scope will be largely across. The cyclone will cause strong winds in the districts from Tuesday. Heavy to very heavy rains are likely in North 24 Parganas, South 24 Parganas, Kolkata, Howrah and Hughli. Disaster management, health, electricity and other departments of the state administration are preparing for the cyclone. Control room has been launched.

The Chief Minister has given four instructions to the party MLAs in the districts where Yas has a warning. 1) As a people’s representative, you have to be by the side of the people. 2) Arrangements have to be made to evacuate people from the coastal areas. 3) As long as the disaster is not over and you have to keep an eye on your assembly constituency all the time. 4) After the disaster is over, starting from building houses, people need to be by their side in all needs. Preparations are underway in the districts to deal with the cyclone in compliance with that directive.

It is feared that the sea has already started overflowing in many places including Frazerganj, Gangasagar and Muriganga. The work of reaching several lakh people to the relief center has started since yesterday.

The weather building says that Yas may have a speed of 155-175 kmph when it hits the ground. However, the storm’s intensity can be felt long before. On Wednesday morning, a storm with a speed of 100-120 kmph may hit the two Midnapores. A hurricane of 80-90 kmph is also possible in North 24 Parganas, Jhargram. There is a possibility of disaster in Bankura and Purulia due to the effect of Yas. The weather office said that there is a possibility of disaster on Thursday as well.

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