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#Kolkata: The cyclone is making my eyes water once again. Londabhand may be a large part of the state. There is a possibility of stormy wind, heavy to very heavy rain in two Midnapore, two twenty four parganas. There is a possibility of disaster in Bankura, Purulia. In this situation, the administration is trying to deal with the cyclone as actively as the general public should be careful. Resisting the rumors, Amfan’s education should be used to return to a healthy and normal life. Learn what to do in the days of disaster-
Do’s and don’ts of dealing with Yas-

  • Keep medicines and other valuables at hand. Water should be stored in advance. It is also important to store dry food. In the event of a disaster, it is important to keep all electrical appliances switched off and unplugged.
  • Rumors are the biggest enemy in times of disaster. Messages forwarded on WhatsApp, do not give importance to the picture in any way. Rely on News18 Bangla’s website or other reliable digital media or TV-print to get the latest cyclone updates.
  • Fishermen have been warned not to go to sea in any way for 72 hours before this report was written.
  • People in areas where cyclones are likely to be affected must visit a cyclone center. Especially those who are in the raw house.
  • Save your valuable documents separately. Keep mobile phones charged in advance. Now use these devices as little as possible, so that you can get mobile service for a long time even if there is no electricity.
  • Do not stay in the open during storms. Power poles, be careful about it. Do not touch in any way. Keep CESC helpline numbers – 3501-1912, 44031912, 18605001912, WhatsApp with 8439001912.
  • Do not tie pets to poles. Make arrangements so that they too can take shelter in the right place to survive the cyclone.

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