Jagdeep Dhankhar visits Nabanna Governor of Navanne, went to the control room! Forty minutes meeting with Mamata – News18 Bangla

#Kolkata: Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar went to Navanne to inspect the preparations for Cyclone Yas. The governor accompanied Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee to Nabanna’s control room for ten minutes. Later, Jagdeep Dhankhar went to the Chief Minister’s house in Navanne and held a meeting for about forty minutes In all, he was in Navanne for about an hour

The Governor reached Navanne at 5.50 pm on this day The Chief Minister was waiting at the bottom of Nabanna with Chief Secretary Alapana Banerjee to welcome the Governor. When the governor arrived, the chief minister and the chief secretary took him to the control room of the disaster management office. About ten minutes from the control room, the governor got the latest news about the cyclone from the chief secretary and the state’s preparations.

Mamata Banerjee left the control room and went to her room on the 14th floor with the governor. There was a meeting between them for about forty minutes After that Jagdeep Dhankhar left Nabanna However, neither the chief minister nor the governor spoke about the meeting between the two. However, the law and order situation has been the same since the election

The clash between the state government and the ruling party with the governor has created an atmosphere in which Jagdeep Dhankhar’s visit to Navanna is a bit exceptional.

The Governor also visited the Alipore Meteorological Department on the same day before going to Navanne While there, he praised the state government’s initiative in dealing with cyclone Yas

Somraj Bandopadhyay

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