Nazrul also acted with the film director, Rabindranath once saved him from danger

He is a rebellious poet He’s a torpedo He is the Nataraja of the cataclysm Many aspects of his multifaceted talent have been suppressed behind these titles Just as the personal grief that is verified in the hardships of life remains unspoken in the life of Dukhu Mina, so the work of Kazi Nazrul Islam remains untouched on the screen.

Although only one in number, Nazrul directed 7 Bengali films Besides directing music, he was also seen performing Nazrul had an agreement with a film company in the third decade His monthly salary was 500 rupees Nazrul’s only film ‘Dhruv’ was released on January 1, 1934 Nazrul co-directed the film based on ‘Bhakta Dhruv’ written by playwright Girish Chandra Ghosh. Another director was Satyendranath Dey

The songs of ‘Dhruv’ were quite popular in the old days under Nazrul’s music direction He composed 6 of the 18 songs used in the film He also played four songs Besides, according to the film company, the creator of Agniveena also played the role of Nara in the film Among the other Kushilabads were Tulsi Chakraborty, Angurbala, Parulbala, Nityananda Ghatak, Kunjalal Chakraborty, Kartik Dey and Joint Director Satyendranath Dey. However, after this film, Nazrul broke off his relationship with the film company It is heard that the reason for this is the difference of opinion between the two parties

Even after this, Rupoli’s relationship with the world was intact ‘Vidyapati’ 6 was released in 1936 Nazrul wrote the story, screenplay and dialogue of this film with Devaki Basu ‘Vidyapati’ starring Pahari Sanyal, Kanan Devi, Chhaya Devi was a successful film in terms of popularity. The following year, in 1936, director Naresh Mitra decided to make a film based on Rabindranath Tagore’s novel Gora. Kazi Nazrul Islam 7 got the responsibility of directing the music

Kazi Nazrul is directing the music for the film based on Ravi Tagore’s novel This Mahendrakshan witnessed the cultural atmosphere of subjugated Bengal Nazrul recorded the song without permission from Visva-Bharati He thought that when he was in charge, the organization would not object But his faith was shaken two days before the release of the film Visva-Bharati’s objection was raised about the purity of the people They said that there is an error in the recording of Rabindra Sangeet directed by Nazrul As a result, they will not be able to allow it Meanwhile, the hand on the head of the producer!


‘Dhruv’ photo booklet, courtesy of Uttarpara Jibansmriti Digital Archive

Desperate, Nazrul decided not to give up You have to make one last attempt He knew who could save him He ran to Santiniketan with a copy of the photo and a projection device 7 appeared to Rabindranath himself At his request, the poet should look at the picture once, listen to the songs, if he thinks it is right, he should give his written permission. If the film is not released, the producer will lose a lot of money Rabindranath did not wait to see the film He gave his written permission in Nazrul’s words He had full confidence in Nazrul

‘Gora’ 7 was released on July 30, 1936 Starring Naresh Mitra, Pratima Dasgupta, Jeevan Gangopadhyay, Suhasini Devi and Rajlaxmi Devi.

Besides film, Nazrul has also worked on stage in the theater He has written songs and directed music for ‘Sirajuddaula’, ‘Jahangir’ and ‘Annapurna’.

But his work was not properly maintained Rare negatives of ‘Dhrab’ have been severely damaged Last year, a skilled technician was not found in the lockdown to clean the spool, so the damage has deepened

Arindam Saha Sardar thinks that our lack of care is evident in the practice of Nazrul. Arindam, head of the Uttarpara Jeevan Smriti Digital Archive, said they have a digital print of the ‘Dhruv’ photo in their collection. Even if the complete picture is not there, the work of Nazrul-researchers will be facilitated At least you don’t have to rely on marketable YouTube clips In Arindam’s words, “I don’t think we have been able to preserve the purity of Nazrul’s creation in Bengal. On the contrary, Nazrul practice in Upper Bengal is far ahead of us Because Brahmamohan Tagore has been followed there But we did not pay attention to this narrator. “

This year too, a calendar will be published on behalf of Uttarpara Jibansmriti Digital Archive on the birthday of 11 senior Nazrul. PDF booklet 7 will also be published The topic is ‘Will the singer sing Nazrul Giti as he wishes?’

The idea of ​​many researchers, including Arindam, is that we are now looking to defeat Chayanat Nazrul as we go along with this.

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