Rajeeb Banerjee on Cyclone Yaas: coming yas, rajib’s mind reads ‘work for people’, tweet message …

#Kolkata: If he was in the team, maybe the responsibility would fall on his neck today. But before the assembly elections, Rajiv Banerjee joined the BJP with tears in his eyes. Then he lost the election. Today, when the cyclone strikes again in the fortunes of Bengal, the mind of the former Irrigation Minister is, of course, in the service of the people. Cyclone Yash, and Rajiv also gave guidelines on what to do in the face of corona-clamp pressure. He got up to rely on the administration.

Today, Rajiv Banerjee tweeted on Tuesday. There he writes, a strong cyclone is coming and none of you will leave the house. Protect yourself indoors. Keep an eye on administration messages and storm warnings. In addition to cyclone warnings, beware of corona. Wear a mask all the time. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water. Of course maintain social distance. Everyone stay healthy, be careful.

See former state minister Rajiv Banerjee’s tweet-

Amphan was hit at this time last year. Rajiv Banerjee jumped on the instructions of the Chief Minister. From meeting with senior officers to deal with the danger of storms in the Sundarbans to keeping rations in every bit and range office, Rajiv led from the front. Later, however, Rajiv Banerjee disagreed with him on the issue of anti-corruption. Until then, he must have followed a different path. Gradually increasing the distance from the party, Rajiv informed that he is joining the BJP. He also said, the team is not going to work. Job opportunities, however, did not match with the BJP, but the job opportunities have decreased due to the loss of votes. Since then, the former state minister has maintained some secrecy. But when the black cloud of disaster is in the sky, Rajiv’s mind is on dealing with the disaster. If he had belonged to the grassroots, he might have been seen playing an active role in dealing with disasters this time as well. Maybe …

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