Water level rise in Ganga in Kolkata Ganges blows in Kolkata, Howrah jetty sinks – News18 Bangla

It was followed by Cyclone Yaas. The full moon is above it. As a result of the combination of the two, the Ganges is also flowing in Kolkata. Howrah’s number one jetty sank in the Ganges a day before Yas was hit. On this day, the water level of the Ganges has also increased a lot.

According to the Meteorological Department, the water level of the Ganges in Kolkata was 5.11 meters on that day. It is expected to rise to 5.27 meters on Wednesday afternoon. Due to which the number one jetty of Howrah went under water at noon on this day. Since this jetty is made of iron and not floating, it raises the water level and sinks.

Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also expressed concern over the rising water level of the Ganges on this day. He said, ‘A cyclone filled it with a full moon and a lunar eclipse. All in all, the water level of the Ganges has risen a lot. If the water level in the Ganges rises, there is a danger of flooding Kolkata as well. The Chief Minister, however, assured that the coordinators of the municipalities in Kolkata have been given the responsibility on an area basis so that there would be no problem with the drainage system anywhere.

Police have been warning people living along the Ganges in Kolkata and Howrah for the past few days in preparation for Yas. On this day also in the morning, when some people went down to bathe in the Ganges towards Kolkata, the police handed them over. The meteorological office said the sea level, which is usually high at high tide, could reach up to two meters above sea level in the southern 24 parganas on Wednesday. In Digha it can be up to 4 meters.

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