Black Fungus: The state has declared black fungus a ‘notifiable disease’

#Kolkata: Mucormycosis or Black Fungus is a new threat in the corona epidemic. Infection of this fungus has already occurred in different states. As a result, this fungal disease is causing new thoughts. Which is rare but deadly. Already, several people in the state have been infected with this black fungus. Deaths have also occurred. During the corona, this fungus has raised new concerns. The state health department issued a notification today. If any doctor or health worker in the state identifies black fungus in a patient’s body, or suspects that it may be black fungus, the health officer in charge of the district should be informed immediately. . And that information must then be conveyed to the state health department. The patient’s address, and all information must be reported. If a death occurs due to this fungus, it should also be reported. The state health department is working to prevent black fungus in Corona. And this is why the state declared black fungus a ‘notifiable disease’.

This is from the fungus Black Fungus or Mycobacterium. It is a fungus found in erosive organic matter such as soil and rotten leaves. This rare infection is usually spread by the mucus in the soil, plants, fertilizers or perishable fruits and vegetables. The infection can severely damage the sinuses, brain and lungs in humans. The infection can be fatal in people with diabetes, coronary heart disease, low immunity, cancer, HIV, and AIDS.

Diagnosis should be made soon to avoid this horrible infection. Patients may need to have their nose, eyes or even their jaw removed surgically before it spreads to the brain. According to the CDC, the average mortality rate from this disease is 54 percent. The disease can kill people within a few days, but it is not contagious, according to the CDC. In India, the disease usually affects several people a year. However, it is common for diabetics and cancer patients to have problems with black fungus infection. Black fungus mainly affects people whose body’s internal immunity has been reduced due to long-term illness. People who have had an organ transplant or have cancer have a higher risk of infection.

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