Cyclone Yaas Update: Bangla was the target, the landfall of Yaas changed the path in Orissa! But why?

Kolkata: The fear was not low. It was thought that the memory of Cyclone Amphan a year ago was about to return. But Yaas is going to land in Odisha with a lot of relief to Bengal. The probable time of Yaas Landfall has come forward. According to a bulletin published by the Meteorological Department, a very strong cyclone is approaching at a rapid pace. And it is about to hit the coast between Dhamra and Baleshwar in Bhadrak district of Orissa. However, strong winds and heavy rains have already started in Dhamra. Yas has come very close to the land. The cyclone is only 50 km from Dhamra in Orissa and 160 km from Digha. However, even though Yas’s game was not seen in Bengal, a large part of South Bengal could be washed away by heavy rains, according to the Alipore Meteorological Department.

However, when Yas is about to reach Dhamra, the speed of the cyclone can reach a maximum of 175 kilometers per hour. If Yas does not hit Bengal directly, it is less likely to cause as much damage as Amfan in Kolkata and adjoining areas. However, heavy to very heavy rain will fall in the metropolis on Wednesday. The wind will blow in the book. The biggest worries, of course, are the coast and the west.

According to the meteorological department, Yas will hit Baleshwar after passing through Khabar, Paradwip and Sagardwip. Most of its impact will fall on Baleshwar as well as Jagatsinghpur, Kendrapara and Bhadrak along the path that Yas is treading. Even if it hits Baleshwar directly, it will definitely affect East Medinipur in Bengal. From Bhadrak in Odisha to the Sundarbans- this huge area could be damaged by storms. It will also affect two 24 parganas. However, the damage to Kolkata and adjoining areas during the Amfan last year will not be as severe as in Yas. According to the meteorological office, the cyclone will rotate at a speed of 40 to 50 kmph in Kolkata. However, even if there is no heavy rain, it will rain all day on Wednesday in the city.

But why did Yas’s landfall move away from Bengal? According to meteorologists, the high pressure zone formed over the China Sea removed cyclone Yas from Bengal. The high pressure zone near the South China Sea has gradually shifted to the west in the last one week. Currently, the high pressure area is located over Myanmar and neighboring China. And as the high pressure zone moved westward, so did the course of Hurricane Yas.

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