Education from Amfan, tree branches have already been cut in different places, forest department ready for storm – News18 Bangla

Kolkata: The forest department does not want to delay this time with education from Amfan. A special team from the forest department is working to remove the fallen trees from the road as soon as the disaster is over.

According to the forest department, many teams have been formed with specially trained people to cut down the trees. In all, a team of about forty has been formed. Each team consists of 8-9 people cutting down trees. And there is a team leader in the head.

There are eight such teams in Kolkata. Similarly, there are eight teams each in East Midnapore and South 24 Parganas. On the other hand, there will be six teams in North 24 Parganas. The parties in the district will continue to coordinate with the district magistrate. In Kolkata, these teams will liaise with the police station. Once the disaster stops, these teams will work to remove fallen trees from the road in wartime activities. Apart from that, these teams can be used for special needs even during storms.

State Chief Forest Officer Ravikant Sinha said, “These teams have been formed keeping in mind that there was a huge disaster due to heavy fall of trees during Amphan. They have all the latest cutting equipment. They have been trained to use them. They will work in coordination and coordination with the office. They will be deployed in the district under the direction of the district magistrate. As soon as they receive instructions, they will go to the spot and cut down and remove the trees very quickly. “

So far, according to the Meteorological Department’s forecast, huge damage like the Amphan may not happen in Yas. However, the officials of the forest department are not giving any delay in the work. Wildlife is likely to be harmed if salt water enters the Sundarbans. “We have already made adequate arrangements for rescue teams and doctors so that they can take necessary action as soon as any information is received,” Ravikant said.

Shalini Datta

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