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#Kolkata: He entered Navanne at eleven o’clock on Tuesday morning When Nabanna left on Wednesday, about thirty hours had passed Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee left Navanna only after scrutinizing the preparations for Cyclone Yas and giving initial instructions for relief and rescue work after the storm hit. As long as she was in Navanne, Mamata had given the necessary instructions to deal with Yas almost every moment, discussing with the authorities. The Chief Minister and the state administration’s efforts have also paid off It goes without saying that there were no casualties in the state on this day due to the disaster of Yas East Midnapore, in the twenty-four parganas in the midst of the massive damage that is relieving the administration. This is because the state government has come up with a daunting challenge to deal with Yas in Corona.

After entering Navanne yesterday morning, the Chief Minister spoke to the district governors of different districts on the phone and inquired in detail about the preparations for dealing with Yas. The control room of the disaster management office was opened in Navanne The Chief Minister went there around noon Even after going there, he checked the preparation for another storm After that, the Chief Minister held regular press conferences to provide information and statistics on the preparations of the state administration and the situation in the coastal districts. In the districts where the risk of storm damage was high, the Chief Minister almost always called the district magistrates and police superintendents to find out how many people were evacuated safely.

Meanwhile, Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar arrived in Navanne in the evening to inspect the preparations for the encounter. Mamata went to the control room with him first After that, he had a meeting with the governor for about 40 minutes at his house on the 14th floor of Navanna After the Governor left Nabanna, the Chief Minister went to the control room again

By then, strong winds had begun to blow in the coastal areas As a result, Mamata started getting information from the administrative officials about how much the water level had risen The Chief Minister gave necessary instructions to the officers and district administration officials till late at night He repeatedly instructed that there should be no gap in the preparation

Yas fell to the ground in Dhamra, Orissa around 9.15 am on that day. Earlier, the Chief Minister went to the control room once again to know the latest situation After the press conference, Mamata Banerjee left for her home After that, he took every moment update from the officials till the storm hit. He held video conferencing with secretaries of various departments after the storm subsided. In addition to finding out the extent of damage in an area, the chief minister also gave instructions on how to send relief to the storm-hit areas. After that he held another press conference The Chief Minister left Nabanna at 4.15 pm However, even before leaving Nabanna, anxiety was heard in his throat Because the water level of the sea and the river is expected to rise on this night due to the refilled Kotal

Mamata Banerjee will visit the storm-hit areas by air next Friday He is also scheduled to hold review meetings in Hingalganj, Sagar and Digha The Chief Minister said it would take at least 72 hours to get the actual record of the damage. However, despite the relief of the state administration and the loss of houses, farms and government property due to the wrath of nature, it is safe to say that no casualties were reported in the disaster. One person died while fishing in Ramnagar in East Midnapore, ignoring the administration’s warning. The state administration’s preparations for dealing with Yas have been lauded by all quarters. Even Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar praised the state’s initiative in preparing for Yas.

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