The two mothers got stuck at the Howrah station with their baby, and the Howrah police arranged for them to stay and eat

Debasish Chakraborty

#Howrah: If all goes well, she can reach out to her husband, even the father who is anxious to see his young child. Everything seems to have turned upside down Almost all branch trains are closed due to Yas Two women with their children came to Howrah from Assam The two women left Assam for Howrah from Marigaon in Assam to visit their husbands working in Kerala. They had two children, one 6 years old and one 5 months old Arriving at Howrah station yesterday, Tuesday, they found out that the train service had been canceled due to Yas. Even if they have a ticket to Kerala, they will not be able to go today

The road to return to Assam is also closed The place must be under the open sky It started raining due to the cyclone, two women were sitting with their children under the open sky with rain on their heads. At this time, the on-duty police personnel stopped when they heard the sound of the baby crying The news reached Howrah Bridge Howrah Station area traffic inspector Sukant Karmakar Sukanta Babu came there in a hurry Sukanta Babu and on-duty police personnel and Baran Mukherjee’s generosity and humanity provide shelter for women with infants. All hotels in Howrah closed due to lockdown At the initiative of the police, a hotel room was provided for these women and children Receiving a roof over her head, Meherjan Begum said, “I came from Vinh state and was almost in trouble with my five-month-old baby. At one time it seemed that what to do, how to save the child under this open sky I could not understand how long I had to stay on the road like this Two policemen almost saved us from death. “

Rescue policeman Arun Babu said, “I was working in the New Complex area of ​​Howrah station like every day when I suddenly heard a baby crying. Two women are sitting with a five-month-old baby and another seven-year-old child After hearing the whole incident from them, I informed Barababu Sukanta Karmakar Their food was procured on the instructions of Sukant Babu and later we found a hotel in this lockdown and made them a dormitory there. People from the state of Vienna are unable to reach their destinations during the lockdown. Howrah City Police is taking them to their destination and providing food to some people on a daily basis. But these two women were absolutely helpless. They have to go to Kerala to reach their husbands. As the train was stopped, they could not be sent back to Assam, nor was there any road to Kerala Even hotels or houses could not be found anywhere With great difficulty a hotel was found open in the Golabari area and arrangements were made for them to stay and eat there Although they were scheduled to leave for Kerala on Wednesday, they could not go there as the train was canceled Howrah City Police have taken charge of their stay until they are able to leave for Kerala. Howrah City Police will also arrange tickets for them to Kerala in case the train ticket problem persists, ” said Sukant Karmakar, a traffic inspector at the Howrah Bridge Howrah Station area. We are very happy to be able to save the baby in the rain with a storm like Yas and Lockdown on the one hand. Now our only goal is to get this baby to his father

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