60-year-old artist Sunil Pal sitting on the street! The children are not there! Srijit Mukherjee came forward

#Kolkata: There is no corona, with that there is human helplessness! People are decaying every day. This time a picture was caught in the chest of Kolkata, which will bring tears to the eyes. The 70-year-old artist had to stand in the way. Artist Sunil Pal will be seen in front of Axis Bank in Kolkata’s Golpark. He is hoping to sell his hand-painted pictures. He is selling all the wonderful pictures for only 50 or 100 rupees.

But why this situation? He does not have a roof over his head to stay. The children are reluctant to take the responsibility of the old father as they get older. The children have left Sunil Pal home with pictures. This time at this age he had to take the responsibility of running his own stomach. Sunil Pal is sitting with a smile on his face even in difficult times. Life seems to be teaching him everything. He is unwilling to accept defeat in the war. Rely on his own paintings. Many have come forward to see them sitting on the side of the road like this. Knows the identity of the artist. Promoted through Facebook. Many people want to buy his work at a higher price. But Sunil Pal is hundreds of miles away from social media. So the Facebookers are going to help him. Which is really commendable.

Director Srijit Mukherjee came forward after learning about Sunil Pal. He shared a picture of Sunil Pal on his social media handle. Many people have come forward since then. Want to know if the artist has a phone number. Srijit said he was also collecting phone numbers. He came forward for help. He also requested those who live in the area to buy pictures. Mukherjee is sharing one post after another in his timeline. Where there is oxygen, there is a bed, who needs financial help. He is sharing everything where sick people are stuck. People are appealing for help in various ways. He is by the side of people in difficult times. After this post, many people have come forward to stand by artist Sunil Pal.

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