Corona test negative, Anubrat was released from the hospital!

#Kolkata: Currently Anubrata Mondal. His corona test report came back negative. After checking the CB net, he received a negative report. Oxygen levels in Anubrat Mandal’s body started declining since Thursday morning. There was a mild fever, with a cold, cough. In the morning, the corona report came negative in the antigen test. However, no one from the family to the well-wishers wanted to take the risk in the case of Anubrat Mandal.

Anubrat Mandal was taken to Apollo Hospital in Kolkata in the afternoon. Corona was tested there again. He was later released from the hospital. He is currently staying in his Kolkata flat. However, on a chest x-ray, the doctors found a mild problem in the lungs. So he has been asked to do some more experiments.

According to his family sources, he has been physically ill for some time and is the president of the Birbhum district Trinamool Congress. The one who gave the diagnosis of molasses to all five days and nights, that Anubrat Mandal had been paralyzed for a few days. According to party sources, he has shortness of breath, mild fever and weakness. So he was admitted to a private hospital near Kolkata bypass without any risk.

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