Deadly Cyclone Yes! Vrindavan did not return after visiting Sadh’s house, 4 dead in total

#Kolkata: He reported the death of a man in Ramnagar on Wednesday morning. News of three more deaths came at night. Two residents of Mandarmoni and South 24 Parganas were killed in cyclone Yas. On the other hand, a young man named Bhola Das from Naihati has drowned in the Ganges. The deceased was identified as Kanai Giri. The name of the dead person of Ghoramara is known as Vrindavan. One person was also admitted to Digha State General Hospital with serious injuries.

Kanai Giri, a resident of Mandarmoni, went fishing. As the cyclone started, he suddenly sank. Yesterday, on Wednesday, the whole of East Midnapore, including Mandarmoni, was badly damaged by Yas. Farmland has been destroyed by sea water. At least four lakh people have been affected.

The same picture is of South Twenty-four Parganas. The person named Vrindavan Jana died in the tidal wave of Muriganga. Although he got up at the Cyclone Center, he went to see the situation at home after the storm. Later, when the disaster subsided, his body was found in a nearby drinking bar. It is believed that he was swept away by the strong tidal wave.

Naihati, on the other hand, was repeatedly told not to cross the Ganges during the flood. According to the source, Bhola Das, a young man from Naihati, went into the water to tie the boat at the anchor, avoiding all the restrictions. He drowned.

Two people were killed in a mini tornado the afternoon before Yas arrived. On Wednesday afternoon, the day Yas fell, a resident of Ramnagar drowned while fishing. Gradually three more deaths were reported. In other words, a total of 6 people were killed by the deadly cyclone Yas. Mamata Banerjee had earlier said that compensation would be given to the families of the deceased.

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