Jadavpur is a unique honor in the country, Calcutta University is not behind!

#Kolkata: New feathers on the crown of Jadavpur University. Jadavpur is ranked 16th in the country in the Center for World University Rankings. Jadavpur has surpassed Calcutta University. Jadavpur is the second largest university in the state. The first is the Punjab University, the third is the University of Calcutta.

The list of global universities is published on behalf of the Center for World University Rankings. That is why Jadavpur left Calcutta University behind.

Incidentally, in June last year, Jadavpur and Calcutta universities were ranked among the top 10 universities in the country. Among the colleges, St. Xavier’s College in Kolkata and Ramakrishna Mission Vidyamandir in Howrah were in the top ten in the all-India ranking. However, in the overall list of the top 10 higher education institutions in the country, IIT Kharagpur got the only place from Bengal. Kharagpur IIT was at number five in the overall ranking. However, the performance of IIT Jadavpur and Calcutta University was also impressive.

In the QS India ranking of 2020, Kolkata was the best state university in the country, followed by Jadavpur University. According to the list, Calcutta University was ranked 26th and Jadavpur was ranked 6th. The first place was IIT Bombay and the fifth place was Kharagpur IIT of this state.

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