Praise again to Mamata’s government, Nabanna is seeing hope in the role of governor in Yas episode!

#Kolkata: The conflict on both sides is so intense. But Governor Jagdeep Dhankhar had earlier praised the role of Mamata Banerjee in preparing for Cyclone Yaas. And this time, he also praised the state’s hasty arrangements and rescue work after Yas. However, the governor warned that the relief should be given to the ‘real’ victims and there should be no negligence. On the same day, Dhankhar posted a picture of the rescue operation in a tweet and wrote, “Mamata Banerjee’s role in dealing with Cyclone Yas is commendable.”

However, at the same time, the governor wrote, “We need to keep an eye on the relief distribution and rehabilitation process to be transparent.” So that everyone who suffers gets this benefit. ‘ Incidentally, the governor repeatedly pointed fingers at Mamata Banerjee’s government over relief corruption in Amfan. He used to tweet the government almost every day during Amphan. But the role of the governor in Yas is very different.

The evening before Yas, he physically went first to the Alipore Meteorological Office, and then went straight to Navanne. There he sat in a chair next to Mamata Banerjee in the control room and reviewed the situation. He also wrote in a tweet, ‘We don’t want a situation like Amphan to be created. But the way the Center and the states are working together to deal with the cyclone is really commendable. All work needs to be coordinated in this way.

At the same time, he wrote, ‘The state government is showing full activism along with various forces. I have talked to the Chief Secretary so that people do not have any problem. Now with the advent of modernity the forecasts are in most cases absolutely correct. I will tell you the next step with all the news. ‘ In the end, Yas was managed, but Bengal faced a flood situation. The positive role of the governor at that time was especially significant.

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