The road of the Ministry of Defense of Chandipur in the grass of the sea under the power of Yas! Virtually isolated public life

#Chandipur: DRDO’s road in Chandipur was submerged in the sea due to the impact of Cyclone Yas. Chandipur has the Integrated Test Range of the Indian Ministry of Defense. This road by the sea is known as LC1. The road near Gurpai village has collapsed, causing widespread inconvenience to commuters.

The LC-1 road is very close to the sea. Tidal waters occasionally flow into this road. However, the super cyclone did not cause any damage to this road. But on Wednesday, the thick sheet of asphalt of this road was washed away in the footsteps of Yas. The cracks have widened across about 3 km of road. Even the boulder that was given to prevent road damage has been washed away by the sea.

On Thursday morning, the sea water was seen crashing into the road. The road that is broken is a bridge road. Next to this bridge is an unused abandoned bridge. The structure of that bridge has also been severely damaged. The pillars of the used bridge have been damaged. Sand-cement-stone is falling from more than one place. Seen from a distance, it looks as if a canyon has been formed by the sea. There is still sea water under that ditch. Residents of the area are skeptical about whether the rest of the road will be in the way the sea is still tearing up.

Local resident Pradeep Mandal said, “I have seen storms like Super Cyclone, Philin, Fani here before. But I never thought that the sea water and strong winds on this road would break the road of the Ministry of Defense.” Rabindranath Majhi, a resident of a nearby village, said, “We were frightened by the strong tidal wave during the storm. Big boulders broke and washed away the sea. We have never seen such a sight before.” Now the locals are worried about how reasonable it would be to use this road. However, sources said that the road will be repaired soon as it is under the Ministry of Defense.

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