This is the first time after the flood of 7, the house of Saratchandra floated in the water of Rupnarayan in Deul!

# Howrah: Cyclone Yaas – Subsequent rains submerged several districts of the state. People were rescued from the Banavasi area, but miles and miles of farmland were submerged. The situation is similar in Howrah district. The area adjacent to the Panitras of the Deul of Bagnan has been inundated by the waters of the Rupnarayan River. After bigha bigha cultivation land under water. This is the home of the immortal writer Sarat Chandra Chattapadhyay. It is the effect of Cyclone Yaas, the full moon on it. The area started sinking as soon as the tide came in the river. Saratchandra’s house also sank. The house where it was composed, Srikanta, Parineeta, all his timeless creations like Ram’s Sumati.

On Thursday morning, I went to Saratchandra’s house and saw a waist of water in the backyard. The person in charge of looking after the house said that not much water was seen in the area after the last 8 floods. After the catastrophic floods of 1967, the house of Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay was submerged again. It is worth mentioning that the storyteller Sarat Chandra Chattopadhyay has written many time-honored stories and novels of his life in this village home of the duo. Just 60 km from Kolkata, on the banks of the Rupnarayan, this village, arranged like a picture, often catches the eye of travel-thirsty crowds. However, according to the locals, after many years, the village Vasal Rupnarayan again.

In Govindapur village of the area, water is entering the village by breaking the paved road. The people of the area are terrified. A panchayat member in the area fears, “If the rains continue like this, the entire Gobindpur village may be submerged. There are at least a thousand houses in this small riverside village.”

Incidentally, the administration was ready to deal with ‘Yas’. Although no storm surge was observed, at least 60 villages in 15 panchayats of Shampur 1 and 2 blocks have been affected by strong tidal surges in Hooghly and Rupnarayan. According to the administration’s preliminary report, millions of people in the two blocks have been affected by the disaster. The victims have been given shelter in various school houses. They have been given dry and cooked food. ‘Yas’ was supposed to hit on Wednesday afternoon. The administration of the two blocks was ready to deal with it. Although there was a fear of a strong storm, it did not happen. It has been raining with gusts of wind. However, the problem is the tidal wave in Hughli and Rupnarayan due to the full moon full moon and stormy winds. The water level of the river gradually increases. Meanwhile, heavy and moderate rains are still prevailing in Kolkata and surrounding districts. And the local residents are worried about it.

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