Baba Ramdev IMA lodged a fresh complaint against Ramdev in Sinthi Police Station of West Bengal– News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: In a video during yoga practice, Ramdev mocked allopathy treatment as ‘stupid science’. The video went viral on social media, sparking protests across the country against Ramdev. Union Health Minister Harsh Vardhan also wrote a letter to Baba Ramdev asking him to withdraw such remarks. Even though he withdrew that comment, yoga guru Baba Ramdev did not break the war. On the contrary, he is working with the Indian Medical Association (IMA) on allopathy. In the end, Ramdev’s remarks reached Calcutta. This time, the West Bengal branch of the Indian Medical Association (IMA) has lodged a complaint against Ramdev at Sindhi police station.

Some doctors have raised their voices alleging that Ramdev is spreading confusion about Corona’s treatment. They claim that the doctors are continuing to fight in the emergency situation. In that situation, such remarks by Ramdev are by no means desirable. What he said is a crime under the law. Besides, some doctors have alleged that Ramdev is making controversial remarks about allopathy for his own benefit.

Some doctors have said that Ramdev is making controversial comments about allopathy treatment for the benefit of his organization. According to some doctors, doctors are bringing many patients back from the brink of death. Yet Ramdev speaks misleadingly about allopathy medicine. This can lead to severe panic and confusion among the general public in cowardly situations. Some doctors believe that even covid treatment can have a devastating effect. They have demanded immediate action against Ramdev.

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