After 36 hours, the factory fire in Nival Sodpur! What are the four missing persons cremated inside!

#Sodpur: The fire broke out at midnight on Wednesday. The fire at the genji factory at Bilkanda Shilpataluk in Sodpur was extinguished after 36 hours. For a long time, 22 engines have been working continuously, various parts of the building have been broken. Although the fire was brought under control, the four missing persons have not been found yet. Three of them are Amit Sen, Swarup Ghosh and Tanmoy Ghosh. Even after 36 hours, the family of those four is waiting in the swing of hope and despair. Today, firefighters, PWD and civil defense officials plan to land drones on Saturday to search for the four.

At 2.30 pm on Wednesday, several gas cylinders exploded in a row, setting the Bilkander factory on fire. The fire was brought under control due to the presence of drugs, paints and other combustibles in the same multi-storey factory. Although 15 fire engines arrived at the scene, the fire brigade could not get inside as the building was old. As a result, it became difficult to put out the pocket fires. The whole area was filled with smoke. Meanwhile, it became almost impossible to increase the engine in crowded areas. At first, the fire brigade tried to put out the fire in the pockets by throwing water with the robot. Then the engine is increased step by step. But it was difficult to put out the fire as it could not enter the factory.

According to the decision, JCP was taken to the scene to demolish various parts of the building. Fire Minister Sujit Basu supervised the matter for two days on Thursday and Friday. According to a fire officer present at the scene, firefighting cannot be done manually in this crowded area. So I had to decide on mechanical fire fighting. But it also took about 36 hours. The four persons could not be found at all. The question is why the four people were called to the factory in the middle of the lockdown, then the work was going on in the factory without heeding the restrictions! For now, the challenge is to find the bodies of the four people.

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