Bikash Ranjan Bhattacharya reacts on Alapan Bandopadhyay issue said this is revengeful politics BJP is doing ‘politics of vengeance’

#Kolkata: The Central Govt has abruptly summoned Alapan Babdopadhyay, the Chief Secretary to the Government of West Bengal, to Delhi. Opponents of Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee also see the Modi government’s decision as a ‘politics of revenge’. Although there are no legal flaws in the process, they are questioning the timeliness of the incident.

CPM lawyer MP Bikash Bhattacharya said, “Of course, there are regulations for summoning the chief secretary. But this decision of the central government was not timely. The biggest thing is that it is time for the Chief Secretary to retire. Recently, the center has given him a 3-month extension. It was decided to take him away during that extension period. It was a very reckless act. “

The state Congress is not silent either. According to prominent lawyer and Congress leader Arunava Ghosh, the Chief Secretary works under the Central Government. The Center allowed all these officers to work in the state. However, in this case, the state officials are working, they have to see the advantages and disadvantages. The situation has been further complicated by the cyclone, with the critical environment of Covid. That environmental situation must be considered first. Arunav said, “After losing in West Bengal, the ruling party at the Center is doing such vindictive work. There is also a secretary in the Prime Minister’s Office. They cannot disobey the instructions of the Prime Minister. The Chief Secretary was with the Chief Minister. He works under the direction of the Chief Minister. The chief secretary must abide by his instructions.

Left leader Dipankar thinks that the decision to change the Centre’s overnight talks is a step taken out of revenge on Bengal. “The Modi government is behaving like an aggressive imperialist force,” Sarab Dipankar wrote on Twitter against the central government. Bringing the chief secretary of a cyclone-ravaged state to Delhi is the lowest in the history of the country’s federal system. All this to punish the people of Bengal, where the people have resisted the occupation of Bengal by Mo-sha (Narendra Modi-Amit Shah).

Incidentally, IAS Alapan Bandyopadhyay, a batch of 96, is one of the ‘trusted’ bureaucrats of the Chief Minister. In his long administrative life, he has brought the government out of various problems more than once. He took over as the Chief Secretary of West Bengal on October 1 last year. Before that he was the secretary of the home department. In May, Alapan turned 60 years old. So he was supposed to retire this month. However, Mamata Banerjee wrote a letter to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on May 13 to extend his term. In the letter, he appealed that the state needs skilled bureaucrats like Alopan to deal with the cowardly situation. Last week, in response to the Chief Minister’s request, the Center approved the extension of the talks.

But on Friday night, the Union government again sent a letter saying that the 196-batch IAS officer had been allowed to join the work of the Indian government by the Union Cabinet Joining Committee. May he be relieved of all responsibilities immediately. The letter also directed the bureaucrat close to Mamata to join the staff and training department in New Delhi’s North Block at 10 am on May 31.

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