Black Fungus: Black Fungus dies again in the state! 29 suspected victims

#Kolkata: Life is ruined in this corona. The new panic black fungus on him again. Today, three new fungi have been detected in the state. A 48-year-old man died today after contracting black fungus. The total death toll in the state is three. 29 suspected victims. Five people died of suspected black fungus. Black fungus is also suspected to be the cause of their death. The whole thing is being scrutinized. Concerns are growing naturally as black fungus continues to grow in the state. New panic is being created in Corona. Although all measures are being taken to prevent black fungus.

What is this black fungus? Why or why not? We need to know about this whole thing. Black fungus or mycobacterium tuberculosis is a very deadly and rare fungal infection. As a result, there is a 54 percent risk of death Depending on the condition of the patient’s body, and the severity of the fungus, the mortality rate is 7 This black fungus is behind the deterioration of the condition of many corona patients

How is this disease?

This disease is caused by mucomycesitis This fungus lives in our environment, especially in the soil This disease spreads from its contact However, if you are away from soil or dust or very polluted area, the risk of this disease is a little less

Who can get this disease?

Recently, this black fungus or mycobacterium tuberculosis has spread across the country. If this infection is not treated properly from the beginning, the patient may die This fungal infection causes damage to the sinuses or lungs ICMR and the Union Ministry of Health have already issued guidelines in this regard What to do and what not to do, this guide is 7

What are the symptoms of black fungus?

Pain in the body, reddening of the skin around the eyes and nose, fever, headache, cough, breathing problems, vomiting, memory loss. Basically all these symptoms are seen in case of black fungus infection However, frequent nasal congestion or nosebleeds, swollen gums, blurred vision, skin problems, and chest pain should be addressed immediately. Corona patients who have diabetes or have been in the ICU for a long time need special care.

How is black fungus or mycobacterium tuberculosis spread?

This disease is not contagious (Black Fungus not contagious) 6 As a result, it cannot go directly from one body to another Only by touching this type of fungus can this disease settle in the body Can damage the lungs or sinuses From skin problems to eye problems, everything can happen as a result

What to do to survive?

It is important to use a mask You have to wear a body covered shirt If you have to do any earth work in any way, then you have to wear gloves too Do not bathe only with soap, use scrub 7 Blood sugar level or diabetes should be controlled Steroid levels should be reduced to 7 If you recover from a corona infection, you need to look at these Use antibiotics or antifungals with caution Clean water should be used during oxygen therapy If you have any food at home for a long time, it is better not to eat it Because a lot of the time there is a fungal infection in those foods On the other hand, you have to bring vegetables from outside, wash them well and then cook and eat them Physicians like that ৷

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