Body of four persons burnt in Sodpur factory after 48 hours!

# Sodpur: The charred bodies of four people who went missing in a fire at a genji factory in Sodpur were recovered after a 48-hour battle. The fire brigade could not find the whereabouts of these people as they could not enter the multi-storey building for the last 48 hours. As soon as we entered today, we could see the four people burning on the two-storied stairs. The deceased were identified as Amit Sen, Swarup Ghosh, Tanmoy Ghosh and Subrata Ghosh. Probably a factor as to why they’re doing so poorly.

According to family sources, the last word on Wednesday night was that Swarup searched for the body of his parents. The factory caught fire on Wednesday morning. Then he could not be found by calling Swarup’s phone. They are practically broken when they hear that the boy is no more. The same picture is in the house of Subrata of Chakdar Kundalia village.

The fire broke out at the factory in Bilkanda industrial area at midnight on Wednesday. The fire was extinguished at the Genji factory at Bilkanda Industrial Estate in Sodpur after 36 hours. For a long time, 22 engines have been working continuously, various parts of the building have been broken. Today, firefighters, PWDs and civil defense officials plan to land drones to search for the four on Saturday. Eventually the pocket fire came under control and the fire brigade entered the house and found the bodies. Preparations have started to hand over the body to the family.

Why is it so late to rescue the body. Sources said that although 15 fire engines reached the spot on Thursday morning, the fire brigade could not enter the building as it was old. As a result, it became difficult to put out the pocket fires. The whole area was filled with smoke. Meanwhile, it became almost impossible to increase the engine in crowded areas. At first, the fire brigade tried to put out the fire in the pockets by throwing water with the robot. Then the engine is increased step by step. But it was difficult to put out the fire as it could not enter the factory. This is why it is late. Police have launched an investigation into why the factory was operating in the lockdown.

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