Firhad Hakim returns to KMC after getting bail in Narada case Katal Bandidasha, Firhad in old mood as soon as he came to the municipality – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: On Friday, the Calcutta High Court ordered the house arrest And Firhad Hakim came to Kolkata Municipality on Saturday morning and started working in full force On this day, the head of the Board of Governors of the Calcutta Municipality and the Minister of State for Transport were found in the same old mood.

Firhad 7 left the house in the morning and went to Chetla Meyers Clinic first There he inquired about the corona vaccination After that he went straight to Calcutta Municipality

Firhad returned to the municipality about two weeks after his arrest and subsequent house arrest in the Narad case. Firhad took part in the ‘Talk to KMC’ program in the municipality every Saturday He heard various complaints of lack of common people on the telephone On this day, however, the program started one hour after the appointed time He promised to listen patiently to all the complaints, from complaints of not getting vaccinated to water problems in front of the house. This event could not be held in the last two weeks As a result, the number of public phone calls on this day was a bit higher

After his arrest, he was initially kept under house arrest by the Calcutta High Court Firhad was monitoring the activities of the municipality through virtual from home He has to take care of the preparations for the cyclone in Kolkata at home. On that day, however, Firhad said, “Even though I was at home, my heart fell in the municipality.”

Saren Firhad also came to the municipality on this day and held several emergency meetings He said his goal was to ensure that every person in Kolkata could be vaccinated At the same time, he said, efforts are being made to vaccinate all the houses in Kolkata where there are permanent maids.

Four leaders, including Firhad Hakim, were arrested by the CBI on May 16 in the Narad case. A two-judge bench of the Calcutta High Court on Friday granted them interim bail almost two weeks later.

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