In the written test medium number 45, how to ask questions, know the plan of the board

#Kolkata: On Thursday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee said there would be secondary and higher secondary examinations. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee had said that it would be higher secondary in the last week of July and secondary in the second week of August. But the chief minister also said that the two boards would discuss the details of the secondary higher secondary routine with the school education department. Accordingly, the Board of Secondary Education and the Parliament of Higher Education have already started discussions. According to the source, the Board of Secondary Education has decided to take the written test number 45 in that discussion. In that case, since the question paper had already been prepared, the students are being given the opportunity to answer any question as per the instructions of the Chief Minister. In other words, the question paper of number 90 will be given to the students. Students will answer 45 from it. The proposal is currently being sent to the school education department for final approval, sources said.

However, sources in the Higher Secondary Education Parliament said that they have not yet come to a final decision on the number division of higher secondary education. According to sources, the Higher Education Parliament is moving towards taking exams on important issues. In that case multiple subjects may be excluded from the test. Psychology, Anthropology, Agronomy, Environmental Science, Health and Physical Education, Music, Visual Arts, Sociology, Persian, Arabic, French, Home Management may not be examined. In that case, these subjects may be numbered according to the number obtained in the school, according to the sources of the Higher Education Parliament. It is learned that the proposal is also being sent to the school education department by the higher education parliament. As soon as the final approval is received, the parliament will take written test on which subjects and the parliament will give final information on which subjects it will not take.

The Board of Secondary Education may start the secondary examination from 9 or 10 August. Sources said that the Board of Secondary Education may publish the secondary routine by the end of next week. As well as high school exam routines may be offered within the next week. In that case, two exams may be taken on the same day. However, no response was received from the Board of Secondary Education or the Parliament of Higher Education on these issues.

-Somraj Banerjee

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