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#Kolkata: The Calcutta High Court had granted bail on Friday The next day, Madan Mitra received the news of his discharge from the hospital And the good news is that the Trinamool MLA of Kamarhati is a prisoner in a very strong SSKM hospital. On the day of his release, Madan 7 came back to Facebook Live from the hospital as before Not only that, Rabindra Sangeet also sang with joy in his mind

Madan Mitra was admitted to SSKM Hospital in the middle of the night on May 18, the day of his arrest in the Narad case. In addition to breathing problems, he was suffering from abdominal pain He was also physically weak due to corona a few days ago

Before his arrest, Kamarhati MLA 7 used to come to Facebook Live regularly He has not been able to do so due to legal complications and illness On this day, however, Madan came to Facebook live from the verandah of Woodburn block of SSKM Hospital in the same mood. Apparently happy Madan said, ‘I am free! I just want to say one line. ‘

After that, Madan sang in a cheerful mood, ‘My release is in the light of light’. Not only this, after that, one by one, Madan’s vocals were followed by Rabindra Sangeet like ‘A storm today opened the door’, ‘Forgive my fatigue’. The doctors have decided to give him leave, Madan himself said

Madan said that after being discharged from the hospital, he would first go to a temple in Alambazar to worship. Kamarhati MLA R thanked those who have stood by him since his arrest Not only that, he also thanked the doctors and nurses of the hospital for his recovery He also thanked the judiciary for getting bail

Madan 7 has always been very popular on Facebook Live Madan 7 came live for the first time since his arrest Even on this day, in the first few hours, 48,000 likes were read on his Facebook Live The number of views has exceeded 7 lakh

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