Mamata Banerjee gives details of meeting with Narendra Modi What happened at the Kalaikunda meeting? Mamata opens her mouth, dismisses allegations of rudeness – News18 Beganli

#Kolkata: Mamata Banerjee opened her mouth about the meeting debate in Kalaikunda His allegations are being falsely accused by BJP leaders of deliberately tarnishing his image and the image of the government. According to the Chief Minister, he went to Kalaikunda in honor of the Prime Minister According to the Chief Minister, the meeting scheduled for him with the Prime Minister was turned into a party meeting of the BJP. The Chief Minister also gave a detailed account of what happened in Kalaikunda at a press conference on Friday. He claimed that he left Kalaikunda three times with the permission of the Prime Minister Mamata claimed that she went to Kalaikunda for the sake of the state Mamata alleged that they were deliberately trying to insult her He also accused the Prime Minister of spreading confusion

Mamata said on the day, “The Prime Minister has landed in a state, from where he has to go to Delhi.” So we went there and met 7 We thought the matter would be settled there But the issue did not stop there, but he took a vindictive step in politics. Everyone needs to know what happened One BJP leader after another has been tweeting since last night, making baseless allegations to tarnish the image of me, the chief secretary and the government.

The chief minister claimed that the prime minister’s visit was announced after he announced his visit to the disaster-hit area the day before yesterday. But keeping in mind the Prime Minister’s honor, he decided to go to Kalaikunda by cutting his own program in Hingalganj and Sagar.

Mamata complained that she had been told to wait at sea for 20 minutes before leaving for Kalaikunda on Friday, despite a pre-arranged schedule. He was then told to wait for a while before landing his helicopter at Kalaikunda As a result, his chopper is circling in the sky The Chief Minister, however, said that he did not think of the security of the Prime Minister After that they were told to wait in a room at the airport in Kalaikunda After that they have to wait for about 15 minutes Then the Prime Minister came there Despite repeated requests for a one-minute meeting with the Prime Minister, the Chief Minister alleged that the SPG had asked him to wait for one hour. He claimed that the SPG had informed him that the PM’s meeting had already started and that he could not be seen at that time

Mamata said on the day, “First of all, there will be a meeting between the Chief Minister and the Prime Minister.” Later I came to know that there is almost the whole BJP party in the meeting and I am alone I went after it out of courtesy and constitutional responsibility. ” The chief minister, however, said he had no objection to the presence of Union ministers at the meeting But Mamata has raised the question as to why BJP MLAs will be there

The Chief Minister said that seeing that it was getting late to go to Digha, he entered the room where the Prime Minister was meeting with the Chief Secretary. Mamata said that they entered the house with the permission of the Prime Minister The Chief Minister said, ‘I tell the Prime Minister, we will go to Digha The weather is not very good either As a result, we came to Kalaikunda from the sea at risk So if you don’t mind, we want to report the damage to you right here The Prime Minister also accepted the report. Mamata claimed that after telling the Prime Minister, they came out of there The Chief Minister further demanded, “I have told the Prime Minister three times, Sir, we are coming then.”

Mamata Banerjee has repeatedly claimed that she respects the Prime Minister Mamata Banerjee also claimed that neither she nor the state government had shown any rudeness or broken protocol on Friday. At the same time, addressing the Prime Minister, the question was, “Why has the Leader of the Opposition not been recognized in Parliament twice in a row?” Why didn’t you go to your own state of Gujarat and call the Leader of the Opposition for a cyclone meeting? Why not call Orissa? Why do you create confusion again and again when you come to Bengal? ‘

Since Friday night, BJP leaders have spread a picture of the Prime Minister’s meeting in Kalaikunda on social media It is seen that there are two chairs allotted for the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary next to the Prime Minister. Mamata, however, claimed that there was no empty chair next to the Prime Minister when they entered the house. The Chief Minister rather claimed that the Prime Minister was sitting in his chair during the meeting He and the Chief Secretary stood up and spoke to him As a result, the Chief Minister claimed that no disrespect was shown to the Prime Minister

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