Suvendu Adhikari said Mamata Banerjee cannot accept me as opposition leader for her loss in Nandigram

#Kolkata: “There is no language to protest the way the Prime Minister (PM Narendra Modi) was insulted at the Kalaikunda meeting on Friday.” Suvendu Adhikari said this at a press conference as the Leader of the Opposition on Saturday. He also said that Mamata could not accept him as the Leader of the Opposition because of his defeat in Nandigram. Therefore, he has avoided the meeting of the Prime Minister on the pretext of Digha meeting.

He said, “Prime Minister Narendra Modi came to Bengal after the disaster. He wanted to hold a review meeting in Kalaikunda as soon as he visited the airfield. He came to plan how to benefit the people in the current situation. He came to Basirhat after Hurricane Fani in 2019 and Ampan in 2020.” At first he helped with Rs 10,000 and then with Rs 2,650 crore. Shuvendu also said that Mamata had insulted the Prime Minister by not attending the review meeting.

Incidentally, he was present at the Kalaikunda meeting. Speaking at a virtual press conference on her presence, Shuvendu said Mamata did not know that Orissa opposition leader Pratim Naik was also invited to the review meeting. Rejecting allegations that Mamata had not been informed of the meeting schedule, Shuvendu claimed, “Mamata is lying.”

Opposition leader Shuvendu Adhikari held a press conference on Saturday afternoon amid the Modi-Mamata meeting debate. Shuvendu reacted by saying that Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee was not present at the review meeting on Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Yas disaster in this virtual meeting. Incidentally, he was present at the Kalaikunda meeting.

BJP workers have been under attack since the vote. Alleging that voters were also being harassed, Shuvendu said, “Today, the BJP president was assassinated in a booth area in Diamond Harbor. It was done by grassroots miscreants. The police are inactive. Thirty-six BJP workers and supporters died in the aftermath of the vote.”

He said there was panic among the people surrounding the cyclone. The worst-hit areas are Balasore in Orissa and the two 24 parganas and East Midnapore. Many dams have broken. There has also been financial loss to the people. Farmers and fishermen in particular have suffered. However, Shuvendu also assured that they will be responsible as an opposition party.

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