‘I’m not a traitor, I’m a believer …’

Kolkata: On Saturday he sang, ‘My release in this sky, in the light of light ..’, and on Sunday he sang one song after another. Sometimes he sang, ‘Oh brother, Fagun is in the forest ….’. Madan Mitra, a Trinamool MLA from Kamarhati, was finally released from SSKM Hospital on Sunday after getting bail from the High Court in the Narada Scam Case. Madan was released from SSKM Hospital at 12:30 pm. After that, the Trinamool MLA started singing various songs together in the media and Facebook Live.

“I have been barred from commenting on the case,” he said. As a result, I will not say anything about it. But I can do Facebook live. I have a face value, as long as it lasts, I have to do it. ‘ He then said that he would return home from SSKM wearing a sheet and carrying his grandson on his lap. Then you will reach the people of your center Kamarhati.

Incidentally, before his arrest, Kamarhati MLA 7 used to come to Facebook Live regularly He could not be seen on Facebook due to legal complications and illness On Saturday and Sunday, however, he was found in a very good mood. Madan came to Facebook live from the verandah of Woodburn block of SSKM Hospital yesterday. Apparently happy Madan said, ‘I am free! I just want to say one line. ‘ After that, Madan sang in a cheerful mood, ‘My release is in the light of light’. One by one, Madan’s voice was filled with Rabindra Sangeet like ‘Which day did the storm open the door today’, ‘Forgive my fatigue’.

Madan has sung more than one song even today. Mostly Rabindra Sangeet. When Madan Mitra, dressed in red Punjabi and pajamas, came out and stood outside, he was surrounded by fans. The slogan became, ‘Long live Madan Mitra’. However, he says, ‘I do not know any of them. But you are standing by my side, for which I want to thank everyone. ‘ On this day, Facebook has been seen repeatedly with mobile in hand. Madan 7 has always been very popular on Facebook Live

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