In the fire market due to the push of Yas, the fish will grow more mercury from vegetables?

#Kolkata: The disaster is over. But scars still linger in many villages in East Midnapore and South Twenty-four Parganas. Many crop fields have been washed away. Ordinary fishermen also have their hands on their heads as many fish have been washed away. And his push is coming straight to the vegetable-fish market. Whether it is Kolkata or the district, the picture of the fish market is the same. In the lockdown, the hands of the lower class are on the head, and in the midst of this, it is as if the fire in the market is rising.

Going to Goriyahat market, it was seen that the prices of fish like Vhetki, Pasbe, Tangra Topas have gone up a lot. You have to pay more than 100 rupees per kg to buy catla fish. Similar pictures are also available in Garihat market. The price of vegetables and grains is also increasing there.

Patals bought at Tk 30 per kg have to be bought at Tk 40. The price of tomato has also gone up. In case of eggplant, squid and squid, one has to pay 10-15 rupees more per kg.

According to fish and vegetable sellers, the lack of supply is due to Yas. And many wholesalers are isolated and unable to supply. And those who are providing are also taking higher prices than before because they have to come at a lot of risk. Moreover, the market time has also decreased. Fish and vegetable growers want to pick up the purchase money as soon as possible and understand the amount of profit and go home. If not, there is a fear of police arrest. Ordinary people have to understand all this. They are also burning their hands to buy ordinary vegetables and fish. But there is the opposite. As the water level in the field rises, many people want to understand the price by selling the shrimp farmed in the market. As a result, only the price of shrimp is slightly lower.

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