Not Delhi, the conversation is going to Nabannei on Monday! A new twist in the center-state conflict

#Kolkata: It has been instructed that on the last day of his career, Alapan Bandyopadhyay, the Chief Secretary of Bengal, should go to Delhi and join the work. After the ‘absence’ of the Chief Minister and the Chief Secretary at Narendra Modi’s Yas-Baitak meeting on Friday, there was an uproar in the politics of the whole country with this central directive for talks that night. On Saturday, Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee took up the issue. At the same time, he appealed to the Prime Minister to withdraw this directive. But the Center has not yet responded to the Chief Minister’s plea. As a result, Banerjee is scheduled to leave for Delhi on Monday. But the twist has started from here.

It is learned that Alapon will not be joining the staff office in Delhi tomorrow, Monday. Sources said that he will go to Navanne instead. Mamata Banerjee has called a meeting on cyclone Yas on Monday. It is learned that Alapana Banerjee will be present as the chief secretary at the meeting at 3 pm. Even the staff of his office said that he would come for another five days.

However, Mamata has not yet come face to face with the Center over the transfer order of Chief Secretary Alapana Banerjee. Instead, he appealed to the Narendra Modi government to withdraw the directive. However, in the context of Prime Minister Modi’s review meeting and exchange of letters in Kalaikunda, the Chief Minister did not stop giving the Center a ‘Bengali’ sting. He said, ‘Is the Chief Secretary so angry that he is a Bengali?’ However, he immediately said, “I do not want to be Bengali-non-Bengali.”

Although the chief minister had complained, ‘I, the chief secretary and the state government are being insulted. He is doing politics of revenge because he cannot accept the rate. Prime Minister Sir, if you are happy to hold your two legs, I can do the same for Bengal. But you take back this letter. ‘ However, the central government has not yet withdrawn the transfer order following the chief minister’s plea. But even if the directive is not withdrawn, the Center-State conflict over the issue will escalate further, it is clear in the decision to renew the talks on Monday.

Incidentally, the state government has recently extended the term of the Chief Secretary of the state by three months. An application to that effect was made to the Center. The Center accepted the request and sent a letter of consent on May 24. But after the meeting of the Prime Minister in Kalaikunda, the whole situation changed. On Friday night, the Center sent a letter stating that the workers of the North Block would have to visit Mantra by 10 am on Monday. But not North Block, the conversation is going to Navanne on Monday, the source said.

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