Sonali in Mamata’s house, what is the decision about the defectors in the meeting on June 5?

Kolkata: Less than a month after the West Bengal Election Result 2021 was announced. Meanwhile, Sonali Guha, Sarala Murmu and several other grassroots leaders have given the message of ‘return home’. Before the Ekushey election, Sonali Guha, the shadow companion of Mamata Banerjee, left the grassroots out of pride for not getting a ticket. But soon after the results were announced, the former MLA of Satgachhia expressed his desire to leave the BJP and return to Mamata’s shadow. Sonali also complained about it on Twitter. According to sources, Mamata Banerjee called Sonali Guha at Kalighat on Saturday. Because even though it was family. But after receiving Mamta’s call, Aplut Sonali. At the same time, like Sonali, those who want to return to the grassroots are also seeing the light of hope in it. In this atmosphere, the Trinamool leader has called an organizational meeting on June 5 at Trinamool Bhaban. According to Trinamool sources, the meeting may decide on the old leaders and activists who want to return to the party.

Incidentally, before the assembly elections, it was a daily affair for leaders and activists to leave the grassroots and join the BJP. The Golden Cave was notable among them. But most leaders want to return to the old party after the results are announced. The list also includes leaders like Rajiv Banerjee, Mukul’s son Shuvrangshu Roy and Sabyasachi Dutt. It remains to be seen what decision the Trinamool leader will take with the leaders who want to return to the party in this situation.

However, on May 2, the day the results were announced, when asked about the return of the old leaders to the party, the Trinamool leader replied, “If you want to come, you will come.” Welcome to them. ‘ And with that message of the leader, many former grassroots leaders are counting the days in hope.

Sonalio also admitted to going to Mamata’s house in Kalighat on Saturday. There he exchanged courtesy with the Trinamool leader. Mamata Banerjee’s cousin Asim Banerjee passed away a few days ago after being attacked by Corona. That is the source of Sonali going to Kalighat. But not only Sonali, but all the leaders whose next destination is the grassroots, are all now looking forward to the June 5 meeting.

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