The CPM’s decision is to keep Tanmoy’s mouth shut in public for three months

#Kolkata: He opened his mouth in front of the media and became disgusted. The CPM also warned Tanmoy Bhattacharya for firing in public. The former MLA was barred from speaking publicly for three months at the party’s state committee meeting this time.

After the collapse of the CPM, Tanmoy Babu became vocal in several mainstream media. He said the vote was anti-Modi. In that case, people did not accept the Left Alliance as an alternative against the BJP. People’s expectations have been duped, Tanmoy commented. Tanmoy also commented that the use of the word Peerzada at the beginning of the name of IS-F leader Abbas Siddiqui has paved the way for religious polarization. He said to respect the verdict of the people. At that time the North 24 Parganas District Committee hastily show-cause him. There were also indications that action could be taken if necessary.

The issue was raised at the first state committee meeting after the vote on Saturday. On behalf of the party, Tanmoy Babu was asked to refrain from commenting publicly for the next three months. Sources also had an argument with veteran leader Kanti Gangopadhyay to open their mouths.

Despite silencing Tanmoy, many CPM leaders at the meeting blamed Alimuddin for the collapse. The question has been raised as to why the alliance was formed with ISF without discussing it in the state committee. Most of the leaders agreed that this has tarnished the secular image of the party.

In other words, even if Tanmoy is asked to remain silent, many leaders are not going to shut their mouths in the inner court. Everyone is giving their opinion, now is the time for self-criticism. So will the CPM break the alliance? The party does not want the news of the source to be rude. It is a different matter if other allies decide to break the alliance.

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