Vaccination when you go to 144 health centers in Kolkata! When Kader, Firhad informed

Kolkata: On Friday, Firhad Hakim was placed under house arrest by the Calcutta High Court. And he went to Calcutta Municipality on Saturday morning and started working in full force. The head of the Kolkata Municipal Board of Governors and the state transport minister have been found in the same mood since Saturday. And on Saturday, he made an important announcement about vaccination in Kolkata. Kolkata Municipality has changed the schedule of COVID-19 Vaccination in 144 health centers of the city.

Firhad said the first dose would be given as soon as 60 senior citizens arrived from 144 health centers in the municipality from 9am to 1pm, besides taking a set decision on coronary immunization, oxygen parlor and safe home at the municipality’s coveted meeting on Saturday afternoon. Those who book slots through WhatsApp on 83359 99000 will be vaccinated from 1pm to 4pm. The second dose will be given only from 9 am to 1 pm. And in the mega center, hawkers, transport workers, super spreaders like teachers will get vaccinated from ten in the morning to four in the afternoon.

According to Firhad, corona infections are relatively low in Kolkata. So many beds in safe homes are empty. The municipality has procured adequate oxygen cylinders and concentrators. There are oxygen parlors in every borough of Kolkata. Firhad said his goal was to ensure that every person in Kolkata could be vaccinated At the same time, he said, efforts are being made to vaccinate all the houses in Kolkata where there are permanent maids.

After his arrest, he was first granted bail in a lower court, but was later placed under house arrest by the Calcutta High Court. So Firhad was monitoring the activities of the municipality through virtual from home He has to take care of the preparations for the cyclone in Kolkata at home. On that day, however, Firhad said, “Even though I was at home, my heart fell in the municipality.”

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